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Our training offer


Here you will find an overview of the versatile

Training opportunities at amena!

hydraulic circle

A circuit training that combines a complete strength and conditioning workout.

cardio training

Cardiovascular and metabolic training

personal training

For your personal 1:1 training.


excio - device training

hydraulic devices

With excio, equipment training becomes child's play.

Getting fitter station by station.

Circuit training is very effective because you train with a mixture of strength and endurance and can therefore specifically target problem areas.

In less than half an hour you have taken a big step towards better health with two rounds.  

The trainers adapt the ergonomic excio devices to you and your strength level. After a detailed briefing, you can train independently at your level and become fitter. You always have the right posture during the different exercises and thus avoid injuries.

Your keytag saves the settings and the respective device automatically adjusts to your training needs.

From losing weight to building muscle - excio is suitable for every training goal.


cardio training

endurance equipment

Cardiovascular and metabolic training

Thanks to cardio training, you increase your endurance, you also stimulate your metabolism and do something good for your figure. Last but not least, you actively prevent cardiovascular diseases and keep fit.

You should plan at least 10 minutes for cardio training. Your trainer will help to find the right device for this. The amena cross trainer, treadmill and trampoline are available for this purpose.

For effective cardio training, you should wear a heart rate monitor or a chest strap, because then you can always keep an eye on your heart rate.


personal training

Personal care

Good fitness training should be aimed at improving strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. Before you start your training with us, we strongly recommend a trial session with one of our trainers.

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