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1 Monat

64 €

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6 Monate

59 €

Kündigungsfrist 1 Monat

12 Monate

54 €

Kündigungsfrist 1 Monat

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  • Gemeinsame Zirkeltrainings unter Anteilung

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  • Trainingsplanung & Betreuung

  • Is there an opportunity for a trial session before signing up for a membership?"
    Yes, you have this option. At amena we know how important it is to learn about products and services in advance before signing up for a membership. If you have any questions, please contact our trainer in the studio. After the first meeting with one of our trainers, you are welcome to train for free and enjoy our various facilities.
  • Why should I take out a membership?
    We believe that regular exercise will help you develop a routine and also make it easier to establish a healthy lifestyle. Our concept is holistic and long-term, so that you can enjoy the positive benefits in the long term. Lifestyle change is a process that you should be aware of. Otherwise, achieving a specific goal could be ineffective or even short-lived.
  • What do I need to bring with me when registering?
    You only need the basic documents, such as proof of identity (ID card or passport) and proof of your bank details (bank statement or proof of electronic payment).
  • From what age can I become a member?
    Due to legal and safety regulations, the minimum age is 15 years. Minors may only become a member with the written permission of their parent or legal guardian.
  • What clothes do I wear in the gym?
    We recommend that you wear light, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Make sure your choice of clothes doesn't make other members feel uncomfortable.
  • Can I invite a friend to training?
    You are welcome to motivate friends to train with you.
  • Is there a discount for pensioners, pupils, students and trainees?"
    There are actually different tariffs for this, which we are happy to offer at the first meeting.
  • What happens in case of illness? Or during pregnancy?
    In the event of illness, membership can be suspended for the duration of the illness (but at least 4 weeks) upon presentation of a medical certificate. The membership is then extended by the duration of the rest period, the payment of the contribution is suspended for the duration of the certificate. In the event of pregnancy, the member has the option of terminating the contract as required. The contract is then automatically extended by the period of decommissioning.
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